Search Engine Optimization

After website design this is the number one requested service that businesses ask us for.

There are two critical questions to ask yourself first.  1) Why do you want your website to show up in a Google search?  This may sound silly but there may  be good reasons why an investment in another strategy would help your bottom line instead.  and 2) Once someone finds you on their search, how are you then getting them to actually take action and “convert” to paying customers.
What is SEO?
SEO is simply the methods used to get more people to find your website.  Thats it.  There are many ways to work within the Google framework to get search results and not all are done with equal effort.  Iron Egg has chosen to work only with quality measures and our approach is one that ensures the best, most enduring results.  So while we do affordable websites, our SEO program is going to be a good fit only for businesses who expect to sell an increased amount due to these efforts for maximum return on marketing investment.
What about CRO?

Conversion Rate Optimization

Imagine you visit a mall along with millions of other visitors.  This is SEO.  But then imagine the mall shops all have no cash registers or any way to accept payments for their goods.  CRO is the way you can convert those visitors to paying customers.
Your needs are unique and no matter what you hear from others, your online marketing strategy may or may not need high levels of either SEO or CRO.  They are however important aspects to understand and discuss.
We cannot pretend to know your business and its goals.  Contact us if you would like more information.

Would you benefit?

from better search results or conversion rates?