Website Lifecycle Management

Website Lifecycle Management

Iron Egg is a website development and website management company that specializes in a start to finish approach to your business website. However, at Iron Egg, we don’t think your website is ever finished. Just as your company evolves, so too should your website.

Website Development

While we have a number of services that we provide, our strength is the ability to accurately reflect the value of a company on its website. Obviously, this starts with building the site the right way in the beginning. We also make sure that when we build the site, we can quickly and efficiently make changes to the site as the company changes. Many of our first steps include setting up your web hosting and domain. From there, we offer affordable and professional website development. Throughout the development process, we help you understand what is important for your website and what your customers will be looking for on your site.

Website Updates

The reality is that many small and medium-sized businesses are still evolving. As such, their core message will also evolve. At Iron Egg, we understand and we embrace this reality. Your website isn’t ever finished, just as your company is never finished. If you need to change your pricing, let us know and we’ll get that changed on your website quickly and efficiently.

Website Maintenance

Unlike many website developers, our relationship does not stop the moment we turn the site over to you. Our approach allows ongoing website maintenance throughout your site’s lifetime. We offer constant support and make sure that your site is always freshly maintained.  Iron Egg will be with you for the entire journey, including ongoing website maintenance and content.

Small Business Websites

Websites are very similar to relationships.  When they start out, there’s a budding romance and excitement, along with a desire to make everything as wonderful as possible.  A lot of effort goes in to putting your best foot forward and getting everything just right.  Over time, you may soon become comfortable and stale. The initial feeling of wonder and excitement you first felt can turn into something more routine. The same is true for a website. Many business owners spend a lot of time and capital developing amazing websites only to let them grow stagnant over time. A barely visited website is not one that serves your brand well.

Iron Egg’s goal is to make sure that your content is constantly fresh and new. Further, your page should be updated consistently. Going back to our relationship analogy, do a date night once in a while with your website.  Without continuous updates, the time and money you’ve invested into your website is for nothing. Just like a relationship, you can fix a website that has gone stagnant. However, many business owners are forced to completely start over. Let’s do it right the first time, and give it the attention it needs to continue to grow and flourish for the rest of your company’s life.