Your Grade A website deserves a secure home.

Choosing where to host your website is an important decision.

  • Do your customers and potential customers expect a website that loads fast?
  • Do you plan to offer secure browsing or online shopping?
  • How concerned are you about potential hacking?
  • What about backups and general stability?

Here at Iron Egg, we’re committed to serving up secure website hosting that meets your business’s particular needs.

Information + Fit

If you are concerned about any or all of the above hosting needs, Iron Egg has an option for you.

We believe that hosting does not have to be complicated; with the right information, there is a fit for every business.

Check out our services and pricing below, and don’t hesitate to be in touch with any questions.

  • Egg
    $50/ monthly
    • Premium WordPress Hosting
    • Daily Backup Points
    • Security Updates
    • WordPress Updates
  • Chick
    $150/ monthly
    • Same as "Egg" Plus:
    • Anti Spam Filtering
    • Uptime Monitoring
    • Secure DNS
    • Discounted Hourly Rate

Get Ready To Sleep Better

When your website becomes a tool you don’t need to worry about, how will that affect your online business? Learn more about Iron Egg Website Design

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