Iron Egg  is focused on delivering websites on a budget.  To do that we have worked with people like you to refine a process to keep your costs low and everyone on the same page.  Here is a brief rundown.

Step 1: Understand your website needs.
What about what you have is frustrating you?  Have you tried to fix it?  How did that go?  Have you given up on trying?  Is it costing you lost opportunities or trips to the bank?

It isn’t all about cool new website design features you know.

“We said we wanted a new look but what we really wanted was to stop losing business to our competition.”
Step 2: Budget

Don’t like to talk about money?  Too bad.  We can’t help you by making assumptions on your budget.  It isn’t always comfortable but we can help figure out what makes sense for you now, even if it means referring you to someone else.

Money should be the thing we agree on most.  Right?

“Our profits were tied to how people viewed us. Iron Egg helped make our web part of that easy.”
Step 3: All together now

In order to keep your costs low, we generally eschew the usual “all hands” meetings.  What we do want to do is ensure that we are on the same page as to your goals and what direction we want to end up in.

We won’t move forward until everyone is aboard.

“We were frustrated by previous “designer” relationships which ended up delaying marketing efforts.”
#4 Content, content, content!
Let the fun begin!  Actually it can be really un-fun at times.  Why?
One of the most frustrating parts of any web project is finishing up all the content (pictures and words and where they go) that typically our clients provide us.  But dont panic, we can make any changes you want, typically once your site is launched.  (wanna change ideas in mid-project? no problem, let’s just talk about what that looks like first, ok?)

Nice job, you deserve a prize for making things so easy!

“Frankly I was losing sleep at night because it was taking so long.”

Have questions?

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