What is Local SEO

Everything you need to know about Local SEO and how it works with your website and website design in Fort Worth!


What is “local” SEO?? Why do you care? You couldn’t have asked a better website design-related question. Buckle up:

“Local Search Engine Optimization,” or Local SEO, is one of the best ways to bring local customers, clients, and prospects to your door. If you focus on a local area (neighborhood, city, state), then you might be missing out on some easy work. Here is why you should focus on local:
     • Local leads are more accessible (and therefore more economical)
     • They tend to stick around longer and
     • They love to refer their friends

And an excellent Local SEO program is a great way to target local buyers without the need to compete on a national scale.

Who Needs Local SEO?
     • A business that has a physical location.
     • A company that operates in a specific area.
     • A business that provides on-site services.
Think brick and mortar operations that focus on a specific geographic region—everything from in-store to delivery to on-site services.

If this is your business, you might benefit from a Local SEO program.

“97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else. “

What are the Benefits of Marketing Locally?
Most people are searching for what they want in their area, and therefore search engines (let’s be honest, Google) give more weight to places that match the person searching to their local market. More local means more money.

Research shows that a vast majority of consumers travel 20 minutes or less for most essentials. (I mean, you wouldn’t call an electrician from 200 miles away, right?)

Here’s the trick: Google (and other search engines) know this is the case, giving the local results higher rankings (because it does make sense). And you can take advantage of this in your website design.

Some of the factors used to rank websites are if they:
Hold location-specific details (town, city, zip code)
Insert the phrase “near me.”
Are associated with GPS data from mobile devices
Local SEO website marketing ensures all search engines think you are more significant than non-local businesses and rank you higher in their results.

Ok great. How do I do Local SEO?
Start by zeroing in on Google. They have over 90% of the share of searches worldwide, so you have to start there. Then, of course, others like Bing, Duck Duck Go, or Yahoo should not be ignored but let’s focus on that later.

Learn about the “Map Pack.” You see these results above most of the organic results when searching locally. Google delivers this with tons of business information like hours, restrictions, contact info, pics, events reviews, and more. Plus, it’s a Google product, so they like you more if you focus on this.

Actionable Item:
You’ll need to supply Google with this information to get noticed in the Local Pack, which you can do through a Google My Business (GMB for short) account.

Three steps to get this done:
     1. Find your business listing online and “claim” it
     2. Fill in all your details and categories (make these match what is on your website as much as possible)
     3. Verify your account

Once your website design and Google My Business pages are synced up, you are ready to add as much content as you can.

Pro tips:
     • Add one or two items a week regularly. Don’t try to do it all at once.
     • Copy the link to the reviews page and keep it handy. Send to your customers in emails or even on a printed card. Reviews are gold.
     • Up to date information like notifications or events are especially powerful to drive people to your website.

Overall, your local presence with local SEO is the first step to your top ranking. Contact us if you would like to see if Local SEO is right for your business.


Good Luck!