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Here’s one for the creatives. Sure, we all know about Photoshop. But for those of us who just want to improve the quality of the images we use on our sites, what is the best tool?

This list goes through some of those, but I will warn you: When you just want to “make things better, cleaner, et.c” the key is to start with quality images to start.

This doesn’t just mean having a beautiful, well-formatted picture that matches your theme. It means that you need to ensure it is large enough (I like at least 1200 pixels on one side or the other (so, for example, a 1200×800 landscape formatted image)). Then make sure you’re working with a high-quality image, from the standpoint of format (jpg, png, etc.) and clarity. Many images get pulled from the internet and they are grainy (not the cool on purpose way though) and
then you add them to your site, and they look,…. well… terrible.

Check out the tools and see which work best. And maybe get a subscription to a stock photography website. There are some cheap ones.


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