What is the difference between registration and hosting?

Explainer: The Difference Between Your Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting By GEOF BOWIE Our readers often ask us to explain the difference between a domain name and web hosting. It’s not uncommon to confuse them as the same thing. Let’s talk about the difference between registration and hosting. Start with “What is a Domain […]

3 Secrets Web Agencies Don’t Tell You

3 Secrets Web Design Agencies Don’t Tell You By GEOF BOWIE There was a time when just having a website was pretty cool.  Today a website is your very best salesperson.  Your website is home to your company identity.  Your website is WAY more than an online brochure or business card.  Unfortunately too many businesses […]

9 Reasons You Need Email Marketing

9 Reasons You Need Email Marketing By GEOF BOWIE Please take a quick second and consider where we consume our favorite information. Sure, it’s primarily digital these days, but what channels of that info do you value most in the wide range of options? I am willing to bet it is NOT a Facebook or […]

Local SEO. Why and How it works.

What is Local SEO Everything you need to know about Local SEO and how it works with your website and website design in Fort Worth! By GEOF BOWIE What is “local” SEO?? Why do you care? You couldn’t have asked a better website design-related question. Buckle up: “Local Search Engine Optimization,” or Local SEO, is […]