9 Reasons You Need Email Marketing


Please take a quick second and consider where we consume our favorite information. Sure, it’s primarily digital these days, but what channels of that info do you value most in the wide range of options? I am willing to bet it is NOT a Facebook or Google ad when searching or scrolling your feed. I also bet it isn’t an influencer on social media. No, the primary way most people take in valued information is usually via a direct recommendation, and THAT mostly happens in your inbox.  

Sure, we all love to hate email, but we use it as a trusted source of information. Modern mail filters have gotten good at taking out spam and promotions, so a quiet trust has been rebuilding over the past couple of years.

Let me also say that we should differentiate between broadcast and sequences of emails. The former is how most people send out newsletters. They build a single email and send it to their list weekly, monthly, or quarterly (yearly!). That’s fine and a great start. So if you’ve got this down, give yourself a massive pat on the back.

Sequencing is the grown-up version of broadcasts. Typically it is a set of emails (between 3 and 20, but you can make up your numbers) that have a specific goal and speaks to a particular person.  

For example, if you offer website hosting (like us!) and have a percentage of subscribers who are not hosting clients yet, you can create a segmented list and set a goal of signing them up for the service. Then they get an automated series of emails that should result in a predictable percentage of new business.

Rinse and repeat that for different goals.  

Regardless, email marketing is an efficient way to communicate with subscribers and convert them into buyers. 

We believe it is the pinnacle of any small business’ marketing efforts because of the efficacy and ability to build trust.  

Think about how you can personalize these messages and impact your business if they felt you understood their business. Would that build trust? Would those people then refer their friends? Absolutely.

It isn’t hard to find great statistics to support this idea. For example, HubSpot reports that “Marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue.” No doubt, I suspect you have specific brands sending you automation currently, and you probably keep them around because they aren’t just trying to sell you something. (I have news for you, they ARE trying to sell you something, yet it works anyway. How cool is that?)

Buyers always have their mobile devices with them and typically check their email wherever they are. Marketers know this. Building email automation is the path to an endless source of your perfect clients.

So here we go, ten things that will convince you to start an email marketing campaign.

“Marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue.”  – Hubspot

1. You can generate personalized communications.

We live in an attention-deprived world where we just get talked at all the time. When you personalize your emails, even if you don’t yet know the prospect, you show you are taking extra effort. That amounts to a lot of goodwill. A good email marketing tool like Keap will let you insert first (or last) names into each email template, and your click rate is way higher on emails that include this level of personalization. Not so hard, is it?

Remember above we talked about splitting your list into specific segments? Now it pays off. Let’s say you have someone who purchased a small item from your eCommerce store. Let’s say it was a bike bell. Now you can have a more intimate conversation with them about bicycle accessories. And if they happen to buy another item, that buyer can further move into another email marketing funnel.

Think about it in terms of dating. You won’t get as much response if you ask every new person you meet to marry you. But after a few dates, you’ll have a better chance.

2. Website Traffic Cops

New visitors to your website are awesome.  How do you then capture them and keep them around long enough to love you? With an outstanding email campaign, you can get the people in your email marketing lists to revisit your site numerous time and to multiple places. For example, this could be a landing page to a specific offer or new blog post (like this!) on a specific subject.  Both have opportunities to get them to take action with buttons, links etc (CTA: Call to Action. Can be buttons or forms or just words that ask your visitors on another date). In addition, data from these efforts can help feed your personalization efforts and convince your members you are the greatest, even if they aren’t buying just yet.

3. Crush your sales goals

Please think of your website from now on as your best salesperson (no offense, Jerry). Your email marketing is only an extension and is the rocket fuel you need to drive new sales to your door. Emails can be used to remind people they forgot something in their cart. You can nurture first-time buyers. And you can ensure you know who your best clients are so you can offer them the best deals on an ongoing basis. Inspire your list through email marketing to take action.

4. Engaging readers when they are ready.

Since people are constantly looking at their email (remember, they don’t want to miss anything important from work or family), they will receive your message on their terms. As a result, deliverability has never been higher.

5. Email Marketing is Affordable

Back to Jerry in sales: How much do we have to pay that guy? I promise it’s a ton more than your efforts to build and maintain an automated email campaign. So call us to take care of it, and I promise you will find that the return on your investment has a 10x multiplier.

And it’s way better than paid advertising where you rent your contacts and keep paying and paying. With email, your long-term costs and return are far higher. In addition, once you land a new connection, you don’t have to pay to reach them ever again.

The automation part of email marketing is also a considerable time and money savings. Imagine having a set sequence of emails that target buyers you know want to hear from you and achieve a predictable goal. Once set, you have the power of 10 Jerrys!

6. Reputation Management

Want to know what your actual clients and buyers think of you or a particular product or service? Yep, email marketing again. Everything from automated review requests to general information on customer experiences. Access to your customer’s inbox makes these efforts way more effective. Not to mention the ability to have those raving fans take action and refer you to their friends. Finally, if you have unhappy customers, you can make sure you let them know you care and take care of issues, often before they end up as a negative review.

7. Growing Your Subscriber List

You need a list to be able to market via email effectively. But, just like friendships, those groups of people will grow over time if you engage them. Offers, specials, tips, and other value-based communications make it easier for them to spread the word. And think about what happens if you don’t engage with people on your list?

8. You Can Manage What You Can Measure

Email marketing is full of metrics you can watch to see how your campaigns are performing. Clicks opens, calls, and other ways to verify “conversions,” which is simply success on the goals you set for each campaign. We find that just a little effort in making small changes has a significant impact over the long run. So be in it to win it!

9. Excellent Customer Support is Great Sales

Akin to your reputation management (above), connecting with every one of your buyers is critical in their ongoing experience with you. Feedback can be more helpful than anything else you can do at times. Giving your fans clarity on what they can expect from you from the time of sale through their buyer’s journey equals massive amounts of trust built. Again, email marketing and email automation ensures these efforts are less taxing.

Finally, these campaigns and email sequences will cement your reputation with those buyers and their networks. Imagine the difference between a personalized email and a social media post (or ad). Do you think people feel loved when you post on social? No. They do, however, feel like you might care just a little when they allow you into their inbox.

In summation, we at Iron Egg Website Design feel strongly that your website design should spend a considerable amount of time cultivating a fan base who opts into your emails. Once they see you as trusted, your email marketing can go to work, ensuring you make more money from the people who love you the most for the longest possible time.

Contact us if you’d like to hear how we do these things for our fans.