Website Design
For Small Business

Beyond An Online Business Card

Let’s turn your website into an evergreen source of revenue with these simple steps:

Website Design

Make your first impression a great one. Then keep it secure and up to date.

Website Design

Comes in many styles and forms. Yours is unique, just like you.

Talk to us about creating a new website for your business or working on an existing one.
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Local SEO

Get Found.
Help people find your beautiful new website and stand above the crowd.

Search Engine Results

Local or Global. We help our clients get results that they can measure and take to the bank. Try our SEO audit tool, how do you rank?
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Email Marketing

Earn your audience and create raving fans. Have real metrics from people who want you in their inbox.

Email is King

Gateway to your best customers inbox. Your best work comes from referrals and repeat business. Talk to us about email automation.
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Website Design and Build

  • Announce you are Open for Business!
  • Our mission is to get small businesses online with great looking websites that they then can turn into their best salesperson.
  • Website design should not cost an arm, leg … or any body part.
  • When your website is built properly and secured, you have a credible online presence.

Website Search Results

  • Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Results to promote your local business.
  • Focus on the people you serve most.
  • Spend less.

Why Email Marketing?

  • Marketing fails when visitors bounce.
  • The challenge is to get a conversation going. Email is the most trusted medium your buyers engage in.
  • Some questions to ask:
    • How are you getting the attention of a “not yet” buyer?
    • Would you like to own the attention of your community or just rent it?
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Website Design and Local SEO FAQs

WordPress website design is a platform or “CMS” that makes building and managing an website easier, more stable with greater flexibility.

Check out our article on it here.

Once you have your website designed, making sure it runs optimally for you and your visitors is important.  Hosting is just the place where your website is parked and the internet knows how to get there.  Important things to consider: How safe and secure is it?  If you get hacked what happens?  How can you prevent hacking or spammers?

Finally, be sure to have a hosting provider who has fast load times.  While there are many factors in how quickly a website loads, your hosting provider is a major one and a harder switch to make if it’s not up. to speed.

More info here.

A: Of course!  We don’t always love when bits move around in website designs but we also know you want to know if we can do more than build a basic website.  Your business will get the website that is appropriate.

Indeed you can find ways to be online without a website.  Social media, advertising, plain old email.  

The question isn’t (in our opinion) if you need one, it’s would a website benefit you in either time, money or resources?

A website is only a launching off point for digital marketing.  If you want to be found on Google, you need a website to have visitors land on.

If you want to connect with prospective buyers, you need a way to talk to them when you have their attention.

So you decide if it’s worth it or give us a shout if you’d like to explore it with us.

Local SEO focuses on search engine results in your geographic area.  Organic results focus on a wider base of people searching for results.  The main difference is that most organic SEO requires on page content creation and updating whereas Local SEO can be done “off page” with minimal disruption.

Tough question!  The cost ranges from “free” to tens of thousands of dollars.

We recommend first knowing exactly what you think it’s worth.  Maybe you expect it to drive business you can calculate.  Maybe it’s the cost of your business reputation.

Regardless, we feel that most small business websites should not cost more than $5000.  We have done hundreds of site just like this and know anything more typically is an oversell.

Call us to find out.